Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dance Magazine Recommends Life Behind the Metaphor In Its December 2007 Issue

We're pleased to note that Dance Magazine included Life Behind the Metaphor in its article "Gift Ideas for Dance Lovers." Reviewer Kina Poon calls the book "beautifully produced," saying:

While Nureyev inevitably shines with his glorious ballon and charismatic looks, his sound bites are also pungent. Among other gems, there's Nureyev insisting that the photographer never crop out the stage floor from under his soaring jete. His quotations also reveal periods of darkness and his tumultuous relationship with [v]an Dantzig. Equally remarkable is [v]an Dantzig's unaffected prose. His musings on being airborne are framed by shots of dancers soaring off a diving board, arms out-stretched, toes pointed.
It's great to see that the dance community appreciates the quality and uniqueness of Life Behind the Metaphor!

You can read the article in PDF format here.

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